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Physicians must be engaging with patients ! Not Computer Screens

January 13, 2020

Benefits of CTI’s Scribe Services:

  • Only two additional patients per day pay for scribe services
  • Costs 50% less than traditional scribes
  • Improves patient experience and care
  • Increases accuracy and reduces medical risk
  • Decreases physician burnout
  • Increases joy of practice and has been shown to reduce physician turnover

Our scribes take notes remotely in real-time, so your physicians can fully engage with their patients. Physicians review and sign off of the notes after the completion of the exam.

How it Works:

  1. Set the “scribe” to listen in real-time
  2. Speak to your patient as you normally would. You are free to give your patient your full attention. Our scribes work remotely, so you have complete privacy with your patient. No need for an extra person in the exam room.
  3. Review and sign-off on the notes at the completion of the exam. Notes are taken efficiently and accurately.

About CTI

CTI has been an innovator of solutions for hundreds of healthcare organizations since 2005. We are experts in physician coaching, training and development, thought leadership and consulting. 100% of our client partners recommend our services.

About Cameo Legal

Cameo Legal has more than 20 years of medical transcription experience, providing MT services to hospitals and clinics throughout the US. Cameo Legal has more than 500 employees in medical transcription, and is proud to comply with all strict HIPAA policies. Cameo Legal also offers 24/7/365 production and IT support.

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